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THAI DAIZO AEROSOL CO.,LTD (THAILAND) (Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate)

700/372 Moo 6, Tambol Nongmaidaeng, Amphur Muang, Chonburi 20000 Thailand

Sep 2000 : Grand Breaking Ceremony
Dec 2001 : Start Operation
Site Area : 26,000 m2
Building Area : 5800 m2
1. ASEAN GMP Certified
2. Thai Labor Standard Certified

Management Policy

  1. We aim to be company that pursue about value added revenue increasing.
  2. To bethe company that have a thought to use the principles to focus on customers, looking for innovative technologies. to get a high quality products and produce the unique products and not imitate.
  3. To be the company is seizing the principles and action based on the quality, transparency and justice. So we received the trust.
  4. To be the company is focused on modifications or changes and have got the flexible idea of each employee that direct to the cause of the possibility of independent thought and independent lives.
  5. To be the company that is joining forces and physical abilities of each employee to be power for its operations which can be a tool to manage any changes that maybe occur.

Safety Policy

  1. Company regard to safety work as the firs duty of each employee.
  2. Company will promote and support to improve working condition and environmental to be safe.
  3. Company will promote and support safety activities that able to activate employee's minds in case of safety work and good environment.Such as, Public Relation raining or exhibition and any competition etc.
  4. Each supervisor have to do as a good pattern to get a safety work and nice environment.This is for include each employee to follow.
  5. Each employee must realize about safety to oneself and associate, transparent to company's wealth any time.
  6. Keep work place clean and precedence is a duty of each employee.
  7. Each employee must be aparticipate for safety work and good environment.
  8. Each employee can present idea about how to improve the way to work by safety and work condition.

Environmental Policy

Thai Daizo Aerosol company, shall committed to conducting its activities in an environmentally responsible manner according to mother our company DAIZO management policy, we set environment purpose and target, and review it annually , also processed below environment management activity

  1. To comply with the laws and regulations, especially those related to environmental aspect and incorporated into our standard operational practice.
  2. To promote environment management system continuously improvenment, endeavore to prevent pollute
  3. Endeavour to use the exhaustion natural resource and energy with efficient / effective for production, endeavor to reduce load for environment.
  4. Promoting Awareness the environment to all employees by training and support participation

Training Japan

  1. Study safety
  2. Study Quality
  3. Japan Custom Language